• LineChaser: A Smartphone-Based Navigation System for Blind People to Stand in Lines

    Standing in line is one of the most common social behaviors in public spaces but can be challenging for blind people. We propose an assistive system named LineChaser, which navigates a blind user to the end of a line and continuously reports the distance and direction to the last person in the line so that they can be followed Download hp Recovery Manager. LineChaser uses the RGB camera in a smartphone to detect nearby pedestrians, and the built-in infrared depth sensor to estimate their position. Via pedestrian position estimations, LineChaser determines whether nearby pedestrians are standing in line, and uses audio and vibration signals to notify the user when they […]

  • Adversarial Knowledge Distillation for a Compact Generator

    In this paper, we propose memory-efficient Generative Adversarial Nets (GANs) in line with knowledge distillation. Most existing GANs have a shortcoming in terms of the number of model parameters and low processing speed download md5. Here, to tackle the problem, we propose Adversarial Knowledge Distillation for Generative models (AKDG) for highly efficient GANs, in terms of unconditional generation Download Youtuber's Life. Using AKDG, model size and processing speed are substantively reduced. Through an adversarial training exercise with a distillation discriminator, a student generator successfully mimics a teacher generator in fewer model layers and fewer parameters and at a higher processing speed 윈도우10 수동. Moreover, our AKDG is network architecture-agnostic. A […]