• MirrorNet: A Deep Reflective Approach to 2D Pose Estimation for Single-Person Images

    This paper proposes a statistical approach to 2D pose estimation from human images. The main problems with the standard supervised approach, which is based on a deep recognition (image-to-pose) model, are that it often yields anatomically implausible poses, and its performance is limited by the amount of paired data Download the gift agreement. To solve these problems, we propose a semi-supervised method that can make effective use of images with and without pose annotations. Specifically, we formulate a hierarchical generative model of poses and images by integrating a deep generative model of poses from pose features with that of images from poses and image features net framework 3.0 다운로드. We […]

  • Do We Need Sound for Sound Source Localization?

    During the performance of sound source localization which uses both visual and aural information, it presently remains unclear how much either image or sound modalities contribute to the result, i.e 세계 테마 기행. do we need both image and sound for sound source localization? To address this question, we develop an unsupervised learning system that solves sound source localization by decomposing this task into two steps: (i) “potential sound source localization”, a step that localizes possible sound sources using only visual information (ii) “object selection”, a step that identifies which objects are actually sounding using aural information 일러스트 cs3. Our overall system achieves state-of-the-art performance in sound source localization, and […]