Proceedings of the 24th ACM Symposium on Virtual Reality Software and Technology

This year’s program includes topics such as VR Environments, Modality, Cybersickness, 3D User Interfaces […]

Wrinkles Individuality Preserving Aged Texture Generation using Multiple Expression Images

Aging of a human face is accompanied by visible changes such as sagging, spots, somberness, and wrinkles. Age […]

Thickness-aware voxelization

Voxelization is a crucial process for many computer graphics applications such as collision detection, renderi […]

What Do Adversarially Robust Models Look At?

In this paper, we address the open question: “What do adversarially robust models look at?” Recent […]

PIFu: Pixel-Aligned Implicit Function for High-Resolution Clothed Human Digitization

We introduce Pixel-aligned Implicit Function (PIFu), a highly effective implicit representation that locally a […]

Audio-Based Automatic Generation of a Piano Reduction Score by Considering the Musical Structure.

This study describes a method that automatically generates a piano reduction score from the audio recordings o […]

SiCloPe: Silhouette-Based Clothed People

We introduce a new silhouette-based representation for modeling clothed human bodies using deep generative mod […]

GPU Smoke Simulation on Compressed DCT Space

This paper presents a novel GPU-based algorithm for smoke animation. Our primary contribution is the use of Di […]

BBeep: A Sonic Collision Avoidance System for Blind Travellers and Nearby Pedestrians

We present an assistive suitcase system, BBeep, for supporting blind people when walking through crowded envir […]

Interactive Face Retrieval Framework for Clarifying User’s Visual Memory

This paper presents an interactive face retrieval framework for clarifying an image representation envisioned […]

A Study on the Sense of Burden and Body Ownership on Virtual Slope

 This paper provides insight into the burden when people are walking up and down slopes in a virtual environme […]


人間は音のような聴覚情報から動画のような視覚情報を想像することが可能である.このような機能をコンピュータで実現する研究として,顔の特徴点や体のボーンといった特徴量を用いることで,口や体の動きを生成する研究がある.しかし, […]


本研究では混雑した環境における視覚障害者と歩行者の衝突を回避するためのスーツケース型システム-BBeepを提案する.BBeepは周囲の歩行者の検出及び将来位置の予測結果から歩行者がユーザ(視覚障害者)と衝突する危険性を予 […]


本研究では現実空間において平地を歩いているユーザに対し,ヘッドマウントディスプレイ(HMD)を用いて坂道を表示し,昇降させた際の知覚に関してユーザ評価を行った. 広く普及しているHMDの多くは,使用環境としてリビングや実 […]

Data compression for measured heterogeneous subsurface scattering via scattering profile blending

Subsurface scattering involves the complicated behavior of light beneath the surfaces of translucent objects t […]