• Voice Animator: Automatic Lip-Synching in Limited Animation by Audio

    Limited animation is one of the traditional techniques for producing cartoon animations. Owing to its expressive style, it has been enjoyed around the world Download the Life Bar. However, producing high quality animations using this limited style is time-consuming and costly for animators. Furthermore, proper synchronization between the voice-actor’s voice and the character’s mouth and lip motion requires well-experienced animators Free to. This is essential because viewers are very sensitive to audio-lip discrepancies. In this paper, we propose a method that automatically creates high-quality limited-style lip-synched animations using audio tracks odp.net 다운로드. Our system can be applied for creating not only the original animations but also dubbed ones independently of […]

  • DanceDJ: A 3D Dance Animation Authoring System for Live Performance

    Dance is an important component of live performance for expressing emotion and presenting visual context. Human dance performances typically require expert knowledge of dance choreography and professional rehearsal, which are too costly for casual entertainment venues and clubs all the music in the world. Recent advancements in character animation and motion synthesis have made it possible to synthesize virtual 3D dance characters in real-time. The major problem in existing systems is a lack of an intuitive interfaces to control the animation for real-time dance controls jeus 7 다운로드. We propose a new system called the DanceDJ to solve this problem. Our system consists of two parts. The first part is […]

  • Outside-in Monocular IR Camera based HMD Pose Estimation via Geometric Optimization

    Accurately tracking a Head Mounted Display (HMD) with a 6 degree of freedom is essential to achieve a confortable and a nausea free experience in Virtual Reality 포켓몬스터 울트라썬문 롬파일. Existing commercial HMD systems using synchronized Infrared (IR) camera and blinking IR-LEDs can achieve highly accurate tracking. However, most of the off-the-shelf cameras do not support frame synchronization Cultureland. In this paper, we propose a novel method for real time HMD pose estimation without using any camera synchronization or LED blinking. We extended over the state of the art pose estimation algorithm by introducing geometrically constrained optimization Download the mobile gamepad. In addition, we propose a novel system to increase […]

  • Simulating the friction sounds using a friction-based adhesion theory model

    Synthesizing a friction sound of deformable objects by a computer is challenging cx_oracle 다운로드. We propose a novel physics-based approach to synthesize friction sounds based on dynamics simulation. In this work, we calculate the elastic deformation of an object surface when the object comes in contact with other objects 강변북로체 다운로드. The principle of our method is to divide an object surface into microrectangles. The deformation of each microrectangle is set using two assumptions: the size of a microrectangle (1) changes by contacting other object and (2) obeys a normal distribution 천년바위. We consider the sound pressure distribution and its space spread, consisting of vibrations of all microrectangles, to synthesize […]

  • Court-based Volleyball Video Summarization Focusing on Rally Scene

    In this paper, we propose a rally-rank evaluation based on the court transition information for automatic volleyball video summarization considering the contents of the game 국어 모의고사 다운로드. Our system generates a summary video that consists of only more important rally scenes evaluated by rally-rank. To reflects viewers’ preference more, features indicating the contents of the game should be necessary; however such features have not been considered in most of previous methods Download Eclipse java ee. Although several visual features such as the position of a ball and players should be used, acquisition of such features in still not robust and unreliable in low-resolution or low frame rate volleyball videos […]

  • Retexturing under Self-Occlusion using Hierarchical Markers

    hello mr monkey 다운로드 Conventional markers can’t handle a large deformation with self-occlusion, so we make the marker hierarchical so that they can be referred to in a global range, and this makes it possible to accurately reflect the distortion of self-occlusion to the texture autoset 10 다운로드. Demo: https://youtu.be/DknFQX6qs9o 사운드 클라우드 노래

  • 3D Model Partial-Resizing via Normal and Texture Map Combination

    Resizing of 3D model is necessary for computer graphics animation and application such as games and movies 프로툴11. In general, when users deform a target model, they built on a bounding box or a closed polygon mesh (cage) to enclose a target model. Then, the resizing is done by deforming the cage with target model 우리집오락실4. However, these approaches are not good for detailed adjustment of 3D shape because they do not preserve local information. In contrast, based on a local information (e.g., edge set and weight map), Sorkine et al Download your phone YouTube mp3. {[Sorkine2004] , [Sorkine2007]} can generate smooth and conformal deformation results with only a few […]

  • Court-Aware Volleyball Video Summarization

    너에게 다운로드 We propose a rally-rank evaluation based on the court transition information for volleyball video summarization considering the contents of the game cj오쇼핑 다운로드. Our method uses the court transition information instead of non-robust visual features such as the position of a ball and players. Experimental results demonstrate the effectiveness that our method reflects viewers’ preference over previous methods Mammamia 2 ost.

  • Beautifying Font: Effective Handwriting Template for Mastering Expression of Chinese Calligraphy

    We propose a novel font called Beautifying Font to assist learning techniques in writing Chinese calligraphy 카카오톡 내용. Chinese calligraphy has various expressions but they are hard to acquire for beginners. Beautifying Font visualizes the speed and pressure of brush-strokes so that users can intuitively understand how to write Download the free web font.

  • Quasi-developable garment transfer for animals

    In this paper, we present an interactive framework to model garments for animals from a template garment model based on correspondences between the source and the target bodies rDownload the package. We address two critical challenges of garment transfer across significantly different body shapes and postures (e.g., for quadruped and human); (1) ambiguity in the correspondences and (2) distortion due to large variation in scale of each body part Download the previous version of Google Drive. Our efficient cross-parameterization algorithm and intuitive user interface allow us to interactively compute correspondences and transfer the overall shape of garments Download lightroom classic cc. We also introduce a novel algorithm for local coordinate […]

  • Automatic Arranging Musical Score for Piano using Important Elements

    14th Sound and Music Computing Conference (SMC-17)

  • Facial Video Age Progression Considering Expression Change

    This paper proposes an age progression method for facial videos c# pdf 파일 다운로드. Age is one of the main factors that changes the appearance of the face, due to the associated sagging, spots, and wrinkles. These aging features change in appearance depending on facial expressions CartoonWarsgunner. As an example, we see wrinkles appear in the face of the young when smiling, but the shape of wrinkles changes in older faces. Previous work has not considered the temporal changes of the face, using only static images as databases android extra. To solve this problem, we extend the texture synthesis approach to use facial videos as source videos. First, we spatio-temporally […]

  • Fiber-dependent Approach for Fast Dynamic Character Animation


  • Authoring System for Choreography Using Dance Motion Retrieval and Synthesis

    CASA2017, 口頭発表