Do We Need Sound for Sound Source Localization?

During the performance of sound source localization which uses both visual and aural information, it presently […]

Song2Face: Synthesizing Singing Facial Animation from Audio

We present Song2Face, a deep neural network capable of producing singing facial animation from an input of sin […]

Property Analysis of Adversarially Robust Representation

In this paper, we address the open question: “What do adversarially robust models look at?” Recently, it has b […]

3D Car Shape Reconstruction from a Contour Sketch using GAN and Lazy Learning

3D car models are heavily used in computer games, visual effects, and even automotive designs. As a result, pr […]

Resolving Hand-Object Occlusion for Mixed Reality with Joint Deep Learning and Model Optimization

By overlaying virtual imagery onto the real world, mixed reality facilitates diverse applications and has draw […]

Guiding Blind Pedestrians in Public Spaces by Understanding Walking Behavior of Nearby Pedestrians

We present a guiding system to help blind people walk in public spaces while making their walking seamless wit […]

LinSSS: linear decomposition of heterogeneous subsurface scattering for real-time screen-space rendering

Screen-space subsurface scattering is currently the most common approach to represent translucent materials in […]

Audio-Visual Object Removal in 360-Degree Videos

We present a novel concept audio-visual object removal in 360-degree videos, in which a target object in a 360 […]

Asynchronous Eulerian Liquid Simulation

We present a novel method for simulating liquid with asynchronous time steps on Eulerian grids. Previous appro […]

Data compression for measured heterogeneous subsurface scattering via scattering profile blending

Subsurface scattering involves the complicated behavior of light beneath the surfaces of translucent objects t […]

Real-time Rendering of Layered Materials with Anisotropic Normal Distributions

This paper proposes a lightweight bidirectional scattering distribution function (BSDF) model for layered mate […]

Foreground-aware Dense Depth Estimation for 360 Images

With 360 imaging devices becoming widely accessible, omnidirectional content has gained popularity in multiple […]

Real-Time Indirect Illumination of Emissive Inhomogeneous Volumes using Layered Polygonal Area Lights

Indirect illumination involving with visually rich participating media such as turbulent smoke and loud explos […]


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Interactive Face Retrieval Framework for Clarifying User’s Visual Memory

This paper presents an interactive face retrieval framework for clarifying an image representation envisioned […]