Yoshihiro Fukuhara, Takahiro Itazuri, Hirokatsu Kataoka, Shigeo Moshima

Property Analysis of Adversarially Robust Representation



In this paper, we address the open question: “What do adversarially robust models look at?” Recently, it has been reported in many works that there exists the trade-off between standard accuracy and adversarial robustness Download kbs streaming. According to prior works, this trade-off is rooted in the fact that adversarially robust and standard accurate models might depend on very different sets of features 카오스베인. However, it has not been well studied what kind of difference actually exists. In this paper, we analyze this difference through various experiments visually and quantitatively 아나운서 무료. Experimental results show that adversarially robust models look at things at a larger scale than standard models and pay less attention to fine textures csr driver. Furthermore, although it has been claimed that adversarially robust features are not compatible with standard accuracy, there is even a positive effect by using them as pre-trained models particularly in low resolution datasets 영화 백두산.