Ryo Shimamura, Seita Kayukawa, Takayuku Nakatsuka, Shoki Miyagawa, Shigeo Morishima

A Study on the Sense of Burden and Body Ownership on Virtual Slope

IEEE VR 2019 Posters


 This paper provides insight into the burden when people are walking up and down slopes in a virtual environment (VE) while actually walking on a flat floor in the real environment (RE) Download the presentation program.
In RE, we feel a physical load during walking uphill or downhill.
To reproduce such physical load in the VE, we provided visual stimuli to users by changing their step length 거성맞고 다운로드.
 In order to investigate how the stimuli affect a sense of burden and body ownership, we performed a user study where participants walked slopes in the VE red hat linux 다운로드.
We found that changing the step length has a significant impact on a burden on the user and less correlation between body ownership and step length 코요태 비상.