Pavel A. Savkin, Takuya Kato, Tsukasa Fukusato, Shigeo Morishima

Aged Wrinkles Individuality Considering Aging Simulation

IPSJ Journal Vol.57 No.7

1627 - 1637

This paper was selected as a Specially Selected Paper by IPSJ.



An appearance of a human face changes with aging: sagging, spots, somberness, and wrinkles would be observed 조 블랙의 사랑. Considering these changes, aging simulation techniques that estimate an aged facial image is required for a long-term criminal or missing person investigation 요괴워치 시즌2. One of the latest works proposed a photorealistic aging simulation method using a patch-based facial image reconstruction. However, including this method, the latest works had a problem that they cannot represent an individuality of wrinkles which is one of the most important features that represent the human individuality netflix 영화 다운로드. The individuality of wrinkles is defined by the shape and the position. In this paper, we introduce a novel aging simulation method with patch-based facial image reconstruction, which could overcome problem mentioned above 플레이스토어 결제. To preserve a wrinkles individuality, wrinkles which is in an expressive facial image is synthesized to an input image based on a medical knowledge. Our method represents the individuality of wrinkles, and subjective evaluation results describe that our method generates more accurate results when compared our work and the previous work with the ground truth Dimlight.