• Song2Face: Synthesizing Singing Facial Animation from Audio

    We present Song2Face, a deep neural network capable of producing singing facial animation from an input of singing voice and singer label. The network architecture is built upon our insight that, although facial expression when singing varies between different individuals, singing voices store valuable information such as pitch, breathe, and vibrato that expressions may be attributed to Download Kakao Group. Therefore, our network consists of an encoder that extracts relevant vocal features from audio, and a regression network conditioned on a singer label that predicts control parameters for facial animation HotspotShield Mobile. In contrast to prior audio-driven speech animation methods which initially map audio to text-level features, we show that […]

  • 3D Car Shape Reconstruction from a Contour Sketch using GAN and Lazy Learning

    3D car models are heavily used in computer games, visual effects, and even automotive designs. As a result, producing such models with minimal labour costs is increasingly more important 연희 몽상. To tackle the challenge, we propose a novel system to reconstruct a 3D car using a single sketch image. The system learns from a synthetic database of 3D car models and their corresponding 2D contour sketches and segmentation masks, allowing effective training with minimal data collection cost 흥망성쇠. The core of the system is a machine learning pipeline that combines the use of a Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) and lazy learning. GAN, being a deep learning method, is capable […]

  • Resolving Hand-Object Occlusion for Mixed Reality with Joint Deep Learning and Model Optimization

    By overlaying virtual imagery onto the real world, mixed reality facilitates diverse applications and has drawn increasing attention. Enhancing physical in-hand objects with a virtual appearance is a key component for many applications that require users to interact with tools such as surgery simulations Download packet tracer. However, due to complex hand articulations and severe hand-object occlusions, resolving occlusions in hand-object interactions is a challenging topic 윈도우10 컨슈머 프리뷰. Traditional tracking-based approaches are limited by strong ambiguities from occlusions and changing shapes, while reconstruction-based methods show a poor capability of handling dynamic scenes 카카오뮤직 음악. In this paper, we propose a novel real-time optimization system to resolve hand-object occlusions by […]

  • Guiding Blind Pedestrians in Public Spaces by Understanding Walking Behavior of Nearby Pedestrians

    We present a guiding system to help blind people walk in public spaces while making their walking seamless with nearby pedestrians. Blind users carry a rolling suitcase-shaped system that has two RGBD Cameras, an inertial measurement unit (IMU) sensor, and light detection and ranging (LiDAR) sensor Download Rio 2 dubbed. The system senses the behavior of surrounding pedestrians, predicts risks of collisions, and alerts users to help them avoid collisions. It has two modes: the “on-path” mode that helps users avoid collisions without changing their path by adapting their walking speed; and the “off-path” mode that navigates an alternative path to go around pedestrians standing in the way Download this […]

  • LinSSS: linear decomposition of heterogeneous subsurface scattering for real-time screen-space rendering

    Screen-space subsurface scattering is currently the most common approach to represent translucent materials in real-time rendering. However, most of the current approaches approximate the diffuse reflectance profile of translucent materials as a symmetric function, whereas the profile has an asymmetric shape in nature 야마토 게임 다운로드. To address this problem, we propose LinSSS, a numerical representation of heterogeneous subsurface scattering for real-time screen-space rendering. Although our representation is built upon a previous method, it makes two contributions c# 첨부 파일 다운로드. First, LinSSS formulates the diffuse reflectance profile as a linear combination of radially symmetric Gaussian functions. Nevertheless, it can also represent the spatial variation and the radial asymmetry of […]

  • Audio-Visual Object Removal in 360-Degree Videos

    We present a novel concept audio-visual object removal in 360-degree videos, in which a target object in a 360-degree video is removed in both the visual and auditory domains synchronously all the music in the world. Previous methods have solely focused on the visual aspect of object removal using video inpainting techniques, resulting in videos with unreasonable remaining sounds corresponding to the removed objects jeus 7 다운로드. We propose a solution which incorporates direction acquired during the video inpainting process into the audio removal process. More specifically, our method identifies the sound corresponding to the visually tracked target object and then synthesizes a three-dimensional sound field by subtracting the identified […]

  • Asynchronous Eulerian Liquid Simulation

    We present a novel method for simulating liquid with asynchronous time steps on Eulerian grids. Previous approaches focus on Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH), Material Point Method (MPM) or tetrahedral Finite Element Method (FEM) but the method for simulating liquid purely on Eulerian grids have not yet been investigated 한국영화 리턴. We address several challenges specifically arising from the Eulerian asynchronous time integrator such as regional pressure solve, asynchronous advection, interpolation, regional volume preservation, and dedicated segregation of the simulation domain according to the liquid velocity Download internet radio. We demonstrate our method on top of staggered grids combined with the level set method and the semi‐Lagrangian scheme. We run several […]

  • Data compression for measured heterogeneous subsurface scattering via scattering profile blending

    Subsurface scattering involves the complicated behavior of light beneath the surfaces of translucent objects that includes scattering and absorption inside the object’s volume Download low-flying. Physically accurate numerical representation of subsurface scattering requires a large number of parameters because of the complex nature of this phenomenon Ali Thornbird. The large amount of data restricts the use of the data on memory-limited devices such as video game consoles and mobile phones. To address this problem, this paper proposes an efficient data compression method for heterogeneous subsurface scattering Download the drama. The key insight of this study is that heterogeneous materials often comprise a limited number of base materials, and the size […]

  • Real-time Rendering of Layered Materials with Anisotropic Normal Distributions

    This paper proposes a lightweight bidirectional scattering distribution function (BSDF) model for layered materials with anisotropic reflection and refraction properties New Year card. In our method, each layer of the materials can be described by a microfacet BSDF using an anisotropic normal distribution function (NDF). Furthermore, the NDFs of layers can be defined on tangent vector fields, which differ from layer to layer Download the subtitles for Titanic. Our method is based on a previous study in which isotropic BSDFs are approximated by projecting them onto base planes. However, the adequateness of this previous work has not been well investigated for anisotropic BSDFs 윈도우 ftp 폴더. In this paper, we […]

  • Foreground-aware Dense Depth Estimation for 360 Images

    With 360 imaging devices becoming widely accessible, omnidirectional content has gained popularity in multiple fields. The ability to estimate depth from a single omnidirectional image can benefit applications such as robotics navigation and virtual reality Download the North Font. However, existing depth estimation approaches produce sub-optimal results on real-world omnidirectional images with dynamic foreground objects. On the one hand, capture-based methods cannot obtain the foreground due to the limitations of the scanning and stitching schemes 1.13.2 포지 다운로드. On the other hand, it is challenging for synthesis-based methods to generate highly-realistic virtual foreground objects that are comparable to the real-world ones Gold i.e.. In this paper, we propose to augment […]