Adversarial Knowledge Distillation Algorithm for a Compact Generator

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Real-time Rendering of Layered Materials with Anisotropic Normal Distributions

This paper proposes a lightweight bidirectional scattering distribution function (BSDF) model for layered materials with anisotropic reflection and refraction properties Download Hancom Office for Mac. In our method, each layer of the materials can be described by a microfacet BSDF using an anisotropic normal distribution function (NDF). Furthermore, the NDFs of layers can be defined on tangent vector fields, which differ from layer to layer 깃허브 데스크탑 다운로드. Our method is based on a previous study in which isotropic BSDFs are approximated by projecting them onto base planes. However, the adequateness of this previous work has not been well investigated for anisotropic BSDFs 콩나물 지도 다운로드. In this paper, we […]

3D Car Shape Reconstruction from a Single Sketch Image

Efficient car shape design is a challenging problem in both the au-tomotive industry and the computer animation/games industry. Inthis paper, we present a system to reconstruct the 3D car shapefrom a single 2D sketch image 더위치. To learn the correlation between 2Dsketches and 3D cars, we propose a Variational Autoencoder deepneural network that takes a 2D sketch and generates a set of multi-view depth & mask images, which are more effective representationcomparing to 3D mesh, and can be combined to form the 3D carshape 한글 2014 vp. To ensure the volume and diversity of the training data,we propose a feature-preserving car mesh augmentation pipelinefor data augmentation. Since deep learning has […]

PIFu: Pixel-Aligned Implicit Function for High-Resolution Clothed Human Digitization

We introduce Pixel-aligned Implicit Function (PIFu), a highly effective implicit representation that locally aligns pixels of 2D images with the global context of their corresponding 3D object Download The Great Sejong. Using PIFu, we propose an end-to-end deep learning method for digitizing highly detailed clothed humans that can infer both 3D surface and texture from a single image, and optionally, multiple input images sierra 다운로드. Highly intricate shapes, such as hairstyles, clothing, as well as their variations and deformations can be digitized in a unified way. Compared to existing representations used for 3D deep learning, PIFu can produce high-resolution surfaces including largely unseen regions such as the back of a […]

3D Car Shape Reconstruction from a Single Sketch Image

Efficient car shape design is a challenging problem in both the automotive industry and the computer animation/games industry. In this paper, we present a system to reconstruct the 3D car shape from a single 2D sketch image 파이썬 64bit. To learn the correlation between 2D sketches and 3D cars, we propose a Variational Autoencoder deep neural network that takes a 2D sketch and generates a set of multiview depth & mask images, which are more effective representation comparing to 3D mesh, and can be combined to form the 3D car shape Download Mr. Company. To ensure the volume and diversity of the training data, we propose a feature-preserving car mesh […]

Automatic Sign Dance Synthesis from Gesture-based SignLanguag

Automatic dance synthesis has become more and more popular due to the increasing demand in computer games and animations. Existing research generates dance motions without much consideration for the context of the music 스킵비트. In reality, professional dancers make choreography according to the lyrics and music features. In this research, we focus on a particular genre of dance known as sign dance, which combines gesture-based sign language with full body dance motion Download when accessing the site. We propose a system to automatically generate sign dance from a piece of music and its corresponding sign esture. The core of the system is a Sign Dance Model trained by multiple regression […]

Real-Time Indirect Illumination of Emissive Inhomogeneous Volumes using Layered Polygonal Area Lights

Indirect illumination involving with visually rich participating media such as turbulent smoke and loud explosions contributes significantly to the appearances of other objects in a rendering scene Download the musical Les Misérables. However, previous real-time techniques have focused only on the appearances of the media directly visible from the viewer. Specifically, appearances that can be indirectly seen over reflective surfaces have not attracted much attention 실버라이트 동영상. In this paper, we present a real-time rendering technique for such indirect views that involves the participating media. To achieve real-time performance for computing indirect views, we leverage layered polygonal area lights (LPALs) that can be obtained by slicing the media into multiple […]

Wrinkles Individuality Preserving Aged Texture Generation using Multiple Expression Images

폴라리스오피스 pc용 Aging of a human face is accompanied by visible changes such as sagging, spots, somberness, and wrinkles. Age progression techniques that estimate an aged facial image are required for long-term criminal or missing person investigations, and also in 3DCG facial animations Download world champion. This paper focuses on aged facial texture and introduces a novel age progression method based on medical knowledge, which represents an aged wrinkles shapes and positions individuality Download Owl City. The effectiveness of the idea including expression wrinkles in aging facial image synthesis is confirmed through subjective evaluation.

Audio-Based Automatic Generation of a Piano Reduction Score by Considering the Musical Structure.

This study describes a method that automatically generates a piano reduction score from the audio recordings of popular music while considering the musical structure 킹덤러쉬 프론티어 pc. The generated score comprises both right- and left-hand piano parts, which reflect the melodies, chords, and rhythms extracted from the original audio signals 도원경. Generating such a reduction score from an audio recording is challenging because automatic music transcription is still considered to be inefficient when the input contains sounds from various instruments Sandol Gothic b. Reflecting the long-term correlation structure behind similar repetitive bars is also challenging; further, previous methods have independently generated each bar Download geozebra. Our approach addresses the aforementioned […]

Melody Slot Machine

We developed an interactive music system called the “Melody Slot Machine, ” which provides an experience of manipulating a music performance Download DuKong StarCraft. The melodies used in the system are divided into multiple segments, and each segment has multiple variations of melodies. By turning the dials manually, users can switch the variations of melodies freely 굿바이평양 다운로드. When you pull the slot lever, the melody of all segments rotates, and melody segments are randomly selected. Since the performer displayed in a hologram moves in accordance with the selected variation of melody, users can enjoy the feeling of manipulating the performance Download Vegas.

SiCloPe: Silhouette-Based Clothed People

We introduce a new silhouette-based representation for modeling clothed human bodies using deep generative models. Our method can reconstruct a complete and textured 3D model of a person wearing clothes from a single input picture 오토캐드 2014 크랙. Inspired by the visual hull algorithm, our implicit representation uses 2D silhouettes and 3D joints of a body pose to describe the immense shape complexity and variations of clothed people Chrome Nicodon. Given a segmented 2D silhouette of a person and its inferred 3D joints from the input picture, we first synthesize consistent silhouettes from novel view points around the subject Download the incognito book. The synthesized silhouettes, which are the most […]

GPU Smoke Simulation on Compressed DCT Space

This paper presents a novel GPU-based algorithm for smoke animation. Our primary contribution is the use of Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) compressed space for efficient simulation Bikelash. We show that our method runs an order of magnitude faster than a CPU implementation while retaining visual details with a smaller memory usage. The key component of our method is an on-the-fly compression and expansion of velocity, pressure and density fields Download parrot photos. Whenever these physical quantities are requested during a simulation, we perform data expansion and compression only where necessary in a loop. As a consequence, our simulation allows us to simulate a large domain without actually allocating full memory […]

BBeep: A Sonic Collision Avoidance System for Blind Travellers and Nearby Pedestrians

We present an assistive suitcase system, BBeep, for supporting blind people when walking through crowded environments. BBeep uses pre-emptive sound notifications to help clear a path by alerting both the user and nearby pedestrians about the potential risk of collision 그레이브 인카운터 다운로드. BBeep triggers notifications by tracking pedestrians, predicting their future position in real-time, and provides sound notifications only when it anticipates a future collision Download Mr. Shen Shine 23. We investigate how different types and timings of sound affect nearby pedestrian behavior. In our experiments, we found that sound emission timing has a significant impact on nearby pedestrian trajectories when compared to different sound types Download the Yokai […]

A Study on the Sense of Burden and Body Ownership on Virtual Slope

 This paper provides insight into the burden when people are walking up and down slopes in a virtual environment (VE) while actually walking on a flat floor in the real environment (RE) Download the presentation program. In RE, we feel a physical load during walking uphill or downhill. To reproduce such physical load in the VE, we provided visual stimuli to users by changing their step length 거성맞고 다운로드.  In order to investigate how the stimuli affect a sense of burden and body ownership, we performed a user study where participants walked slopes in the VE red hat linux 다운로드. We found that changing the step length has a significant […]

FSNet: An Identity-aware Generative Model for Image-based Face Swapping

This paper presents FSNet, a deep generative model for image-based face swapping. Traditionally, face-swapping methods are based on three-dimensional morphable models (3DMMs), and facial textures are replaced between the estimated three-dimensional (3D) geometries in two images of different individuals 픽시브 일괄. However, the estimation of 3D geometries along with different lighting conditions using 3DMMs is still a difficult task. We herein represent the face region with a latent variable that is assigned with the proposed deep neural network (DNN) instead of facial textures 해리포터와 마법사의 돌 게임. The proposed DNN synthesizes a face-swapped image using the latent variable of the face region and another image of the non-face region. The […]