Pavel A. Savkin, Tsukasa Fukusato, Takuya Kato, Shigeo Morishima

Wrinkles Individuality Preserving Aged Texture Generation using Multiple Expression Images

DOI: 10.5220/0006614405490557

VISIGRAPP (4: VISAPP) 2018: 549-557

윈도우 익스플로러 8

Aging of a human face is accompanied by visible changes such as sagging, spots, somberness, and wrinkles. Age progression techniques that estimate an aged facial image are required for long-term criminal or missing person investigations, and also in 3DCG facial animations 로제타스톤 디지털 다운로드. This paper focuses on aged facial texture and introduces a novel age progression method based on medical knowledge, which represents an aged wrinkles shapes and positions individuality 크롬 68버전. The effectiveness of the idea including expression wrinkles in aging facial image synthesis is confirmed through subjective evaluation.