Takayuki Nakatsuka

Melody Slot Machine: Audio-guided Video Interpolation via Human Pose Features



We developed an interactive music system called the “Melody Slot Machine,” which provides an experience of manipulating and controlling a music performance 곰 녹음기 무료 다운로드. The melodies used in the system are divided into multiple segments, and each segment has multiple variations of melodies. Users can create a variety of music by operating the touch panel and slot lever 4K uhd video. By turning the dials displayed on the panel manually, a user can switch the variations of melodies freely. When a user pulls the slot lever, the melody of all segments rotates, and melody segments are randomly selected Great barn mp3. There are multiple melodies, from intense ones with many notes to calm ones with few notes, so that users can explore the melody they want. We prepared an AR display showing a performer so that the result of the operation can be visually understood as well as aurally Download melon chart music. The holographic video can be viewed from three directions. Our proposed method, which is an audio-guided video interpolation technique, generates an adaptive interpolated video depending on the combination of melody segments Download the e-government framework file. Our method bridges the discontinuity of the videos and satisfies the users that they can feel like they are controlling a performer by operating a melody Download the Rock of Age game.