Keisuke Mochida, Midori Okamoto, Hiroyuki Kubo, Shigeo Morishima

Real-time Rendering of Heterogeneous Translucent Objects using Voxel Number Map

Eurographics 2016

Rendering of tranlucent objects enhances the reality of computer graphics, however, it is still computationally expensive Download Patternmaker. In this paper, we introduce a real-time rendering technique for heterogeneous translucent objects that contain complex structure inside.
 First, for the precomputation, we convert mesh models into voxels and generate Look-Up-Table in which the optical thickness between two surface voxels is stored 제 5인격. Second, we compute radiance in real-time using the precomputed optical thickness. At this time, we generate Voxel-Number-Map to fetch the texel value of the Look-Up-Table in GPU 피스메이커. Using Look-Up-Table and Voxel-Number-Map, our method can render translucent objects with cavities and different media inside in real-time.