Wataru Akahori, Tatsunori Hirai, Shigeo Morishima

Dynamic Subtitle Placement Considering the Region of Interest and Speaker Location

12th International Conference on Computer Vision Theory and Applications


This paper presents a subtitle placement method that reduces unnecessary eye movements. Methods that vary the position of subtitles have been discussed in a previous study. However, subtitles may overlap the region of interest (ROI). Therefore, we propose a dynamic subtitling method that utilizes eye-tracking data. The proposed method calculates the ROI based on the eye-tracking data of multiple viewers. By positioning subtitles immediately under the ROI, the subtitles do not overlap the ROI. Furthermore, we detect speakers in a scene based on audio and visual information in order to position subtitles near the speaker to help viewers recognize the speaking characters. Experimental results show that the proposed method enables viewers to watch the ROI and the subtitle in longer duration than traditional subtitles, and is effective in terms of enhancing the comfort and utility of the viewing experience.