Naoya Iwamoto, Takuya Kato(joint first author), Hubert P. H. Shum, Ryo Kakitsuka, Kenta Hara, Shigeo Morishima

DanceDJ: A 3D Dance Animation Authoring System for Live Performance


Dance is an important component of live performance for expressing emotion and presenting visual context. Human dance performances typically require expert knowledge of dance choreography and professional rehearsal, which are too costly for casual entertainment venues and clubs beauty. Recent advancements in character animation and motion synthesis have made it possible to synthesize virtual 3D dance characters in real-time. The major problem in existing systems is a lack of an intuitive interfaces to control the animation for real-time dance controls Cute ppt template free. We propose a new system called the DanceDJ to solve this problem. Our system consists of two parts. The first part is an underlying motion analysis system that evaluates motion features including dance features such as the postures and movement tempo, as well as audio features such as the music tempo and structure 삼성 전자. As a pre-process, given a dancing motion database, our system evaluates the quality of possible timings to connect and switch different dancing motions Carapoker. During run-time, we propose a control interface that provides visual guidance. We observe that disk jockeys (DJs) effectively control the mixing of music using the DJ controller, and therefore propose a DJ controller for controlling dancing characters 나얼 귀로 다운로드. This allows DJs to transfer their skills from music control to dance control using a similar hardware setup. We map different motion control functions onto the DJ controller, and visualize the timing of natural connection points, such that the DJ can effectively govern the synthesized dance motion Automatic download of drivers. We conducted two user experiments to evaluate the user experience and the quality of the dance character. Quantitative analysis shows that our system performs well in both motion control and simulation quality 터닝메카드 동영상.