Tadahiro Ozawa

Real-Time Rendering of Heterogeneous Translucent Materials with Dynamic Programming

Eurographics 2016


Subsurface scattering is important to express translucent materials such as skin, marble and so on realistically. However,
rendering translucent materials in real-time is challenging, since calculating subsurface light transport requires large computational
cost Download storm.dll. In this paper, we present a novel algorithm to render heterogeneous translucent materials using Dijkstra’s
Algorithm. Our two main ideas are follows: The first is fast construction of the graph by solid voxelization 자이썬. The second is voxel
shading like initialization of the graph. From these ideas, we obtain maximum contribution of emitted light on whole surface in
single calculation 나루토vs블리치 다운로드. We realize real-time rendering of animated heterogeneous translucent objects with simple compute and our
approach does not require any precomputation download nes games.